Just had to open an old laptop to find some paperwork, notably the laptop I began OneFifteen on almost a year ago (August 2018) that I hadn’t opened since October 2018. I found some quite interesting things in there for sure, logo drafts i’d forgotten all about, my early contest entries from Freelance design sites I was slaving away on to try and get ends to meet, photos I thought i’d lost and then this: The first Artwork I did under the title of OneFifteen.

I did this purely as a therapeutic outlet one day, (I love designing and photowork, I’d be doing it even if it wasn’t my job), after visiting the Inishowen Maritime Museum, Co. Donegal, and hearing about all the many stricken and sunk U-Boats off Malin Head during The Second World War. I just sat down and got on with this. I no longer have any of the original files but I sent 4 copies in poster tubes to some friends and my brother with one left here at home in my possession.

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