Who i am:  I’m a graphic designer based between Co. Derry,- Northern Ireland and Dorset, England, specialising in logo design.

How i got here: It all began in 2004 when i was working as a management consultant for a company providing financial services for the Private Care Homes Sector. I wrote all copy for their national mailshot campaigns and completely remodelled their image and promotional materials which was apparently noticeable and successful enough that, before long I was being asked by their client’s to write, design and produce brochures for their businesses as well as well as creating new brand strategy.

As more businesses started to move online during the internet boom I received increased requests to write copy and design for the web. This was something i started focusing on to the degree that I started a website design company in 2007, providing the full spectrum of web-based marketing services from design, development, hosting, ecommerce and SEO. This range of services was all a bit much for a lone freelancer like myself so I decided to downsize to offer just the services I enjoyed the most; website layout design and brand design. only; which was when Creative Propaganda was born in 2011. During this period with Creative Propaganda I was tasked with creating the online visual marketing presence for the largest convenience store and newsagent chain in the UK in their disposal sale of 200+ stores.

I studied Propaganda and Visual Concept Design to a level which allowed me to contribute and work for thought panels and strategy developers across a number of fields from Online Self Start-Ups to High Street Brands.

Today, I have returned to where i began, pure and simple logo design and effective visual concept communication, but of course with a useful amount of real world experience to draw upon to deliver more assured results.

How i work: I believe in fair, up front pricing, providing value, getting real results, researching for my designs, simplifying the complicated, I believe in the art and the science of what i create with equal respect and most of all I believe; from project proposal to delivery and beyond, none of this experience should ever be a stress for any of us.